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Benefit of Massage

Many ask what is the benefit to massage. Below I have made a small chart to show how Regular Massage can health the Human body, mind and Spirit. That is should be part fo our daily, weekly, monlth health routine.

bring back balance into our lives

How regular session of :


Remedial Massage

Swedish (relax) Massage

Sport Massage

Deep tissus massage

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Pregnancy- Pre and Post Natal




Hot Stone massage

Can help you

Alleviates, Reduces pain Relieves, reduces stress
Reduces Anxiety Boost Immmun System
Lowers Blood Pressure Increase flexibility, range of motion
Improves Skin health Makes you feel better
Releases Toxins Speed up healing, post surgery
Releases Endorphins Eliminates metabolic waste
Increases circulation, blood and lymph Better sleep
Relieves headaches, Migraines Increase Metabolism
Muscle relaxation Reduces swelling, fluid retention
Improves general health Arthritic pain relief
Enhances self image Joint mobilization, movement
Calms Nervous System Provides feeling of well ness
Improves Skin tone Improves muscle tone
Decrease Muscle detoriation Nurtures self growth

These are just a few.

Make massage apart of your health routine


The positivity that it will have on your health and well being that is very important

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Make sure to book in for your Regular Massage sessions with us

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