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Ebmyotherapy, back from MAT Leave up date

Ebmyotherapy, back from MAT Leave up date

Hello Everyone

How are you?

Just touching base how everything is going with you

and my progress to coming back to work

Cillian is now 4 months old it is going fast but also slow

. It has been an amazing adjustment.

Due to being on paternal/maternal leave I wont be starting back

till end of November /December hope this is ok with you

Have to find a place to work.

I will let you know very soon all the details.

Have a lovely day.

From Elicia

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Happiest Regards,
Elicia Brennan
M: 0438240884

Myotherapist Remedial Massage therapist Sport massage therapist Sport trainer Reflexologist Lymphatic drainage massage Pregnancy massage Aromatherapy
Bach of Health science  Adv. dip of Myotherapy, Dip of Remedial Massage, Cert 4 Of Sports Massage. Cert in Pregnancy massage-pre and post natal. Dip of Reflexology, Dip of Aromatherpy, Cert in Lymphatic Drainage , Sports Trainer Dip of Football
Medicine Professional Member AAMT and SMA

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