Clinics and  work hours

Hello Everyone
Keeping you all up to date on the new clinic info and contact details

Clinics and  work hours.

Monday: at Bodywise Health and Physio available from Early to mid July.

Contact Bodywise to book in


Tuesday: available after 5pm*

Wednesday: 2pm-7pm

at Bodywise Health and Physio

Contact Bodywise to book in

Thursday: 12pm-7/7;30pm* being able to work this day  all depends on babysitting availability so need a few days of notices for booking

Saturdays: 8am-12pm

at Bodywise Health and Physio alternative Saturday

Contact Bodywise to book in

At home other Saturdays the other Saturdays*

Sunday: Closed unless notified* *=need more then  24hr booking in

24hr Cancellation fee

Also  Bodywise  has different prices

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Healing Hands treatment Ebmyotherapy

Ph: 0438240884



Bodywise Health and Physio

A: 364 Hampton St, Hampton Victoria. Australia 3188

Ph:  95334257




Hope to see you all soon for a Massage.
Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish/relax, Reflexology, Lymphatic drainage massage, Pregnancy massage, and Aromatherapy
Happiest Regards
Elicia Brennan

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