ways to Have a Better night sleep

sleep better

  1. Unplug  from technology. Do look at your phone, ipad before going to bed or when you hop into bed to sleep
  2. switch off from work. So o work when you hop into bed. bed is for sleep and not work
  3. if unable to relax try meditation before you go to sleep
  4. another way to switch off and come down from the day  is read a book.
  5. as we do for a our children , us adults also need a bed time routine
  6. if something is on your mind write it down and make up a to do list for the next day. Once it is written down, push it aside and do it when you wake up
  7. This might be hard for sone but don’t have big meal before bed.
  8. this can also be hard for we have diffrent things one each night.; has a set bed time
  9. for the mind to rest take up writing a journal. helps get the thoughts out of the mind. Clear head before bed,
  10. For some this might be one of teh hardest lower your caffine intake, easily when it is getting close to bed time’
  11. Exercise regularly
  12. have comfortable bed and safe relaxing place to sleep
  13. to help switch can use white and relaxing music
  14. make your room a dark place and really good ventilation
  15. if awake and unable to sleep get up and do an activity as in read a book, once done hop back into bed
  16. the right body temp for you
  17. sleep better 2

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