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Telehealth and consults on line

As the restriction are in place and no more myotherapy, massage for a bit. I am now adding an online component to the business. In setting up an exercise rehabilitation program corrective exercise. Personal at-home programs to help you through your aches and pains, and on line education.

 If there is any topics you would like me to do a video about or a fact sheet just let me know.

I have already put together 2 facts sheets for lower back pain and shoulders. For everyone setting up at home office how it best to set up the desk for your posture. Let me know if you would be interested in these.

I also have available massage oils blends you can buy. Have 8 selected blends.  Bonus is I am also able to make a personalized blend to you.

 Hope to hear or video with you all soon.

Stay safe



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