Springtime is here: The symbols and essential oils for spring time

Spring Joy and Love

Themes of rebirth and renewal often use symbols from the spring season. Spring also refers to love, hope, youth and growth.

Spring represents bouncing, start of something new, new beginnings, progress, blossoming of new things, birth, new life and business.

8 Things That Come With Spring

Whatever the reason, spring is a wonderful season.

Here are 8 things that come with spring:

1. The Blossoming of Trees and Flowers

Springtime means that the trees and flowers come back to life again. After a dead winter, this is a time when we get to see the beautiful flowers blossom again.

2. Shorts, Shirts, and Sandals

With the warm weather, we can put away the coats, sweaters, and boots and take out our shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

3. Ice Cream

What better dessert to eat in the warm spring weather than ice cream?

4. A Walk in the Park

The beauty of spring can be seen while taking a nice stroll in the park because the weather is just right, not too hot and not too cold.

5. Longer Days

In the winter, the days feel shorter since nighttime lasts the longest. With the arrival of spring, however, the days become longer with more sun time, in addition to daylight savings time.

6. Pollen Allergies

While springtime can mean beautiful things, it can also come with a few annoying things. One such example is pollen allergies. For those of us who have these allergies, we know very well that sneezing and red itchy eyes are not fun.

7. The Insects

Sometimes I wish it was winter again when I see a bee or a wasp swarming around gardens. Though, without them, it wouldn’t have been possible to have so many beautiful flowers and all the fresh air we breathe.

8. Rainy Days

Though we love the sunshine, spring also means it is going to rain on most days.

Despite some of the annoying things that spring brings, it brings out our inner happiness with Mother Nature. Out of the four seasons, spring is clearly the season with the most changes. Some even agree that it is the best season compared to summer, winter, or fall. Whatever the reason, spring is a wonderful season!

Essential Oils for Spring 

Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis)  

  • It’s soft and calming aroma is reminiscent of a beautiful spring bouquet 
  • Relaxes and acts as a mild sedative 
  • Reinstates a sense of comfort and belonging 
  • Helps calm and soothe irritated skin 

Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens

  • With flowers blooming all around, geranium is a perfect scent for the season 
  • A favorite in perfumes and skincare 
  • Promotes patience and serenity 
  • Brings balance during menopause 

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia

  • While it is wonderful all year long, this versatile oil is fabulous in the spring 
  • Called the “mothering oil” for its ability to bring comfort and stability in times of crisis 
  • Calms strong emotions when feeling fearful 
  • Its restorative properties make it a wonderful first aid oil 

Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limon

  • Nothing says clean like the smell of lemons, perfect for spring cleaning 
  • Refreshes and uplifts an overburdened mind 
  • Provides a sense on assuredness, especially useful during decision making 
  • Lifts feelings of sluggishness  

Tangerine Essential Oil (Citrus reticulata) 

  • Yum, the fresh and sweet smell of tangerine is so cleansing and uplifting 
  • Supports the immune system 
  • Reduces nervous tension 
  • Its bright aroma helps clear the mind 

 Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi

  • Bright & happy scent of grapefruit makes smiles 
  • Uplifts mood & relieves tension 
  • Promotes feelings of vitality 
  • Supports a healthy relationship with body 
  • Inspires positive energy 

Cedarwood Essential Oil (Juniperus virginiana

  • The fresh and woodsy aroma reminds me of spring walks and outdoor fun 
  • Imparts a sense of wisdom and strength  
  • Eases insomnia caused by stress-related problem 

 Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia) 

  • So uplifting and refreshing to the body and mind 
  • A favorite oil to stabilize mood 
  • Promotes a sense of vitality throughout the mind and body 
  • Its sedative action makes it useful for agitation and insomnia 

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) 

  • The earthy aroma of tea tree oil brings a powerful punch to germs 
  • One of the most powerful disinfectants 
  • Assists with a wide variety of respiratory ailments  
  • Cleanses toxic emotions that disrupt the well-being of the body 

 Lime Essential Oil (Citrus aurantifolia

  • This cheerful aroma renews the mind and spirit 
  • Offers a Stimulating effect when apathetic toward life 
  • Promotes mental clarity and alertness 
  • Brings a sense of excitement to life 

Peppermint essential oil:  

with a sharp, refreshing menthol scent, peppermint is stimulating, energizing and awakening. The strong and sharp scent helps to cut through negativity and mental clutter and reduces lethargy and tiredness. Peppermint refreshes the spirit, stimulates mental agility and improves concentration, bringing you into the present moment and giving you a boost of energy. 

Sweet Orange: 

this zesty and refreshing scent is perfect for refreshing the senses. The anti-depressive properties of sweet orange are great for improving the mood and acting as a natural pick-me-up. It is also great for preventing and relieving the symptoms of seasonal allergies.  

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