Easter and Mothe’s day vouchers

I would like to Wish Everyone A HAPPY Easter. Enjoy  the time with  family,  Friends and eating Chocolate. Also the 4 days off. To all the parents  hope you  have survived  the first week of School holidays. That there hasn’t  been too much damage control. That  everyone  body clocks  have  all switch back  an hour. […]

I am back!!!! Only starting back slowly

i am back from MAT Leave

Changes to Private Health cover

changes to what you are covered by your private health

Ebmyotherapy- Very Merry Christmas and soon to to be back at work

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy  new year. From  my family to yours. Have some great  news here  at ebmyotherapy. Healing  hands  treatment. As you  know I work from home since  the little  man has come  along the treatment room is now a bedroom. Wait Here is the  news […]

Ebmyotherapy, back from MAT Leave up date

Ebmyotherapy, back from MAT Leave up date Hello Everyone How are you? Just touching base how everything is going with you and my progress to coming back to work Cillian is now 4 months old it is going fast but also slow . It has been an amazing adjustment. Due to being on paternal/maternal leave […]