Health Coach

Health Coaches
Let’s start with health coaching. Health coaches come from various backgrounds but all ideally have a qualification in an allied health professional field. They may be nurses, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, deititians, osteopaths, naturopaths or other health related occupation. They work with people to help them overcome sometimes chronic conditions that have sometimes resulted from lifestyle choices. But not always. Anyone needs help managing an illness or condition that will move them closer to the baseline of health could benefit from a health coach. The role is one of support and the professional knowledge of the coach will often be brought into play. They can be found in many places, but usually medical settings or in corporate environments where people at risk have been identified.  Health Coach training has usually complemented their existing qualifications.

It is important to note that health coaches and wellness coaches use the same skills and principles and the term is simply to let the public know they have additional training in a specific health field.  However, health professionals may well choose to use the term “wellness coach” to describe their services.

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