Life, Health and Wellness Coaching

What is a Health Coach, a Life Coach and a Wellness Coach?

These are terms we hear all the time and that often get used interchangeably much to the confusion of the consumer who often just wants some help.  Let’s see where the similarities lie and where the differences exist.


Coaching is based on a a conversational style that follows certain principles and uses skills that encourage the client to explore their world and come up with ideas for creating positive change!

Coaching is not about providing the answer, taking on responsibility for the client’s issues – patronising or advising. Good coaches empower people to believe they have what it takes to succeed. They are humble, intuitive and passionate about their work. The models that are used are very similar in all three modalities. We first find out where the change is needed, why it is important to the person, help them explore what’s stopping them from succeeding, brainstorm possible strategies to overcome these obstacles and together design a plan to move forward.  

Health Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching

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