Products and Gift Vouchers

Massage vouchers for all occasions

(all styles except Hot stone Massage)
giftvouch 2 (4)
30min Massage Voucher

30min Voucher- $50

giftvouch 2 (5)
45min Massage Voucher

45min voucher- $65

giftvouch 2 (6)
60min Massage Voucher

60min voucher- $80

giftvouch 2 (7)
90min Massage Voucher

90min voucher- $110


Hot stone massage

giftvouch 2 (3)
60min Hot Stone Massage

60min Hot stone Massage Voucher- $90

giftvouch 2 (2)
90min Hot Stone Massage

90min Hot Stone Massage Voucher- $120

Package Voucher

sgiftvouch 2 - Copypackage

Massage Oils blends

oils belnds to buy


sizes: 25ml20180530_204627, 50ml20180530_204614, 100ml20180530_204600, 250ml20180530_204542







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