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Massage vouchers for all occasions

(all styles except Hot stone Massage)
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30min Massage Voucher

30min Voucher- $50

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45min Massage Voucher

45min voucher- $70

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60min Massage Voucher

60min voucher- $80

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90min Massage Voucher

90min voucher- $120


Hot stone massage

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60min Hot Stone Massage

60min Hot stone Massage Voucher- $90

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90min Hot Stone Massage

90min Hot Stone Massage Voucher- $130

images - 2019-04-10T084829.654.jpegPackage Voucher

images - 2019-04-10T084724.225.jpegFeet package: foot spa15min and 45 min reflexology treatment $85

15min foot spa and choice of ether 30min or 45min or 60 or 90 massage (extra for hot stone)

 30min –$65    45min-$85      60min-$95      90min-$135

15min foot spa, 30min reflexology and choice of either 30, 45, 60 or 90 min massage ( extra $10 for hot stone)

 With 30min -$110       45min -$130     60min-$140      90min-$180

Hands– 15 min or 30min reflexology session on hands

15min-$30    30min-$50

 15min hand reflexology with choice of 30min, 45min. 60 or 90min Massage (extra $10 for hot stone massage)

With 30min Massage-$70         45min -$90     60min -$100     90min-$140

images - 2019-04-10T085027.235.jpeg– Ear candling—$50

Foot spa– 15min-$20

 Customized Massage 60min- $85

Massage styled to your need with mixture of relaxation, aromatherapy Lymphatic and deep tissue work

Scalp– 15imin-$30 or 30min-$50 scalp and neck massage



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Massage Oils blends

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oils belnds to buy


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oil info card vitalityoil info card sWEET dREAMSoil info card sleep tightoil info card rosehipoil info card relacoil info card REFRESHoil info card Peacefuloil info card Night nightoil info card muscle sorenessoil info card Lavenderoil info card Gone surfingoil info card energyoil info card Digestoil info card Detoxoil info card cold and fluoil info card Clarity headspaceoil info card chamomile